With more than 20 years of experience and a new collaboration with FoodChain ID, Quality Partner offers a full range of certifications, inspections and analysis.
This approach allows us to carry out combined audits and provide you with competitive prices and attractive offers. Our tailor-made services ensure you receive impeccable quality in all circumstances.

Quality Partner provides audits to meet specific needs (traceability, supplier evaluation, etc..) for each food industry sector.
Our experienced auditors are customer oriented and will adhere to customer’s precise requests. They are at your disposal to answer any technical questions and to inform you of the standards interpretation or to send you a quote.

Your quality is our priority !

Our Belac accreditations

  • Microbiology Laboratory : Belac 135-TEST ISO 17025
  • Metagenomics Laboratory: Belac 540-TEST ISO 17025
  • Products certification body : Belac 620-PROD ISO 17065
  • Certification body for quality system: Belac 620-QMS ISO  17021
  • Inspection body : Belac 620-INSP   ISO 17020

Quality Partner is able to certify your products, processes or systems in accordance with the following frameworks:

Self-checking system approval

Certification against an established framework

Hygiene inspections

  • Regular site inspections


If you need more information or would like to request a quote – contact us !