FSSC22000 fee

The FSSC foundation has decided to increase the price of the FSSC22000 fee for any upload of an audit report on the portal. This amounts to 175 eur excl. VAT. FSSC-Fees-Certified-Organizations_20-October-2021

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Evaluation of Enzymatic Cleaning on Food Processing Installations and Food Products Bacterial Microflora

Biofilms are a permanent source of contamination in food industries and could harbor various types of microorganisms, such as spoiling bacteria. New strategies, such as enzymatic cleaning, have been proposed to eradicate them. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of enzymatic cleaning on the microbial flora of installations in a processing …

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COVID-19 & Food Safety

World Health Organization and European Commission official communications on the Covid-19 crisis and Food Safety. COVID-19 and Food Safety : Guidance for Food Businesses What is the risk of COVID-19 infection from food products ? Q&A COVID-19 and Food Safety

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Our laboratories Continue to Serve You !

FoodChain ID understands the essential role our testing services provide to the global food chain on any given day, but especially during this trying time with COVID-19 spreading worldwide. Following up on the letter from our CEO earlier today, I’d like to share some of the steps we’re taking to continue to support our customers …

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Meet’Inn 2019 – Speakers Presentations and Pictures

Below the links to our speakers presentations  : Damien le Grand – Introduction Ellen Fierens – MeatHybrid Veronica Rubio – ProTerra Foundation Chris Claes – Food Smart City Development   Below the photos memories of this pleasant evening : Aperitif Conference Walking Dinner   Thank you all for your trust. Quality Partner’s Team

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FSSC 22000 – Important Technical Information

  Dear Sir or Madam, We are writing to inform you about the latest details and changes regarding your FSSC22000 certification. Please find on this LINK the information requested by the FSSC in relation to the assessment of certain requirements of the standard during audits. The biggest change lies in the fact that companies are …

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Meet ‘Inn 2017: speakers presentations

Strategic plan for the development of organic production in Wallonia by 2020 (Serge MASSART-SPW) Meart and meat products spoilage in the genomic era (Olav SLIEKERS-CORBION) Microbiotes environnementaux: source tracking et exploration (Bernard TAMINIAU-ULG/GENALYSE PARTNER) Innovation in Food Retail (Silvie VANHOUT-THE RETAIL ACADEMY) Flanders’Food (Veerle RIJCKAERT-FLANDER’S FOOD)

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Meet ‘Inn 2016: speakers presentations

1_LeMondeMicrobien_Georges_Daube_Ulg 2_FolreMicrobienne_SanteHuùaine_Bernard_Taminiau_Ulg 3_Temoignage_CHR_HANSEN_Abdoulaye_Fall_GenalysePartner 4_NovelFood_Jean_Pottier 5_Packaging&Quality_Carine_Laroy_SealedAir 6_Elimination_Biofilm&Shelflive_Sebastien_Fastrez_Realco 7_Database_Product_Sheets_Carl_Beniest_FoodDesk

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