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Data management and result analysis


Your interface for management and consultation of analysis reports and live inspection.

Our IT department has developed for you this versatile and multitasking tool. In addition to receiving reliable and complete reports, you can compose your own dashboard with relevant data that you can integrate into your database (export xls or csv) This interface also allows you to download reports and invoices in pdf format.

So you have access to your historical data, current as well as planning analysis, sampling and audits.

Our IT Unit: working in the interest of our clients

Our IT-Unit is committed to providing you an impeccable quality service which facilitates the  encoding of you reports in your database with the aim of exploiting it.
This will give you an overview of all your results.
You will have  a history easily viewable data as well as a view of the evolution of your data at any selected period.

For more details about the features of MyQP, simply consult our “how to” guide.

Strictly regulated access rights mean that your data remain confidential at all times.

Do you want data management or usability extensions? Simply contact the QP IT Unit for more information.
Call us on +32 (0)4 /240.75.09. or send an email to it@quality-partner.be