Hygiene inspections

Regular site inspections

We will check that:

  • You are observing good hygiene practices (GHP).
  • You are applying your working methods properly.
  • You are compliant with hot/cold chain standards.
  • You are observing HACCP principles.
  • Your buildings and infrastructure are compliant.

You choose the inspection frequency (scheduled or unannounced inspections).

Variable inspection lengths. Short (30-45 minutes) or long (1-3 hours) inspections, based on your needs and budget. Combinations are possible.

Tailor-made check-list covering statutory requirements and elements unique to your quality management system.

We present and discuss the results with groups of businesses at annual meetings.


We conduct regular inspections of all your sites, giving you:

  • Consistent quality across all sites.
  • High hygiene standards across all sites.
  • A separate score for each site, for benchmarking purposes.
  • Summarised results and trends across your sites.
  • A summary of key points to be addressed, allowing you to set group-wide targets.

We work quickly and effectively, using our proprietary inspection software system developed over the last 10 years. You receive accurate, detailed reports.

Our guarantees

  • Accredited by Belac in line with the ISO 17020
  • Accredited by FASFC.
  • A recognised expert for more than 15 years.
  • A tailor-made, rapid