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Quality Partner® SA is an independent company that carries out quality control activities in the food processing and parapharmaceuticals sectors.

The Quality Partner-Genalyse Partner Group, founded by a team of academic researchers, offers a rapid, tailor-made service from a multi-disciplinary team of experts.

Working with you to improve quality and boost your growth, we are committed to providing a comprehensive solution that reflects your needs, and your budget. We aim to deliver clear, accurate results that comply with accepted industry standards.

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Quality Partner joins the team of FoodChain ID

FoodChain ID is an international firm dedicated on analyses, certification, inspection and focused on organic market and sustainability. This new collaboration allows Quality Partner to offer new services such as BRC, IFS, Non-GMO and ProTerra Certification, as well as new tools such as InSyte and HorizonScan.

Organic production certification in a third country

In 2016, Quality Partner was recognised as an equivalent certification body for organic production certification in a third country (Indonesia).

Certification body for Luxembourg

Quality Partner is an accredited certification body for Luxembourg.


In 2012, Quality Partner introduced a brand new, unique offering based on the skills of its multi-disciplinary team (molecular biologist, taxonomist and food technologist). This new offering reflects the needs of a fast-growing sector, ensuring that its clients’ products remain highly competitive and achieve the very best quality.

Quality management system certification

In 2009, Quality Partner received accreditation BELAC 620-QMS for quality management system certification (ISO/IEC 17021). This was a necessary step to ensure that it could deliver certifications compliant with the ISO 22000 standard.

Organic production certification

In 2008, Quality Partner developed – and was accredited for – a new set of organic production tests and inspections.

Inspection body

In 2002, the spin-off company’s inspection body was awarded BELAC 620-INSP accreditation (ISO/IEC 17020) to perform audits and inspections based on public or private specifications. One year later, it received product certification accreditation BELAC 620-PROD (EN 45011, now ISO/IEC 17065).

This product certification provides official, highly visible recognition of the quality of the certified products.

Quality Partner is born

Founded in 2000 by Professor Georges Daube (University of Liège) and with public and private investment, Quality Partner initially focused on microbiological analysis (core business) and research, via its laboratory. Soon after, it introduced a new service, enabling clients to check the use-by dates stamped on their products, under accreditation no. BELAC135-TEST (ISO/IEC 17025 for analyses and R&D) and performing ‘challenge tests’.

Global approach to food safety and quality

  • Analyse
  • Certification
  • Inspection

Microbiological and Metagenomics analysis

Shareholder vision

Our vision

In a world where consumers are faced with many different production methods, and are increasingly well-informed about the food they purchase, we believe that food quality and safety will play an ever-more important role in consumer choices.

Our mission

  • To guarantee food safety throughout the food processing industry.
  • To provide a holistic, comprehensive, quick and appropriate response to all food safety and quality issues.
  • To build sustainable R&D partnerships for new food products.
  • Our close ties with the University of Liège mean we are able to bring you cutting-edge tools and keep you abreast of new analysis and food production technologies.
  • Integrity

  • Proactive approach

  • Excellence

  • Innovative