Evaluation of Enzymatic Cleaning on Food Processing Installations and Food Products Bacterial Microflora

Biofilms are a permanent source of contamination in food industries and could harbor various types of microorganisms, such as spoiling bacteria. New strategies, such as enzymatic cleaning, have been proposed to eradicate them. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of enzymatic cleaning on the microbial flora of installations in a processing …

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COVID-19 & Food Safety

World Health Organization and European Commission official communications on the Covid-19 crisis and Food Safety. COVID-19 and Food Safety : Guidance for Food Businesses What is the risk of COVID-19 infection from food products ? Q&A COVID-19 and Food Safety

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Our laboratories Continue to Serve You !

FoodChain ID understands the essential role our testing services provide to the global food chain on any given day, but especially during this trying time with COVID-19 spreading worldwide. Following up on the letter from our CEO earlier today, I’d like to share some of the steps we’re taking to continue to support our customers …

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